John Dee, Monas Hieroglyphica: Elemental Monas

John Dee and the elemental composition of the Monas

Commentary on Elemental Monas

  1. ambrose_mnemopolous Post author

    The illustration above shows how the Monas Hieroglyphica can be decomposed into Moon, Sun, Fire, and the Cross, which is the sign of the four elements.

  2. ambrose_mnemopolous Post author

    The passage above concludes:

    We finish the brief hieroglyphic consideration of our Monad, which we would sum up in one only hieroglyphic context:

    The Sun and the Moon of this Monad desire that the Elements in which the tenth proportion will flower, shall be separated, and this is done by the application of Fire.

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John Dee (1527 to 1608) was a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist, navigator, and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I. He was also an early popularizer of applied mathematics, and was instrumental in planning the British Empire.