Chaldaean Oracles, Zoroaster: Verses 28-32

The Mind of the Father said that all things should be cut into three: His will assented, and immediately all things were cut.

The Mind of the eternal Father said into three, Governing all things by Mind,

The Father mingled every Spirit from this Triad.

All things are governed in the bosoms of this triad.

All things are governed and subsist in these three.

Commentary on Verses 28-32

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The Chaldaean Oracles have survived as fragmentary texts from the 2nd century AD, and consist mainly of Hellenistic commentary on a single mystery-poem that was believed to have originated in Chaldea (Babylonia). They appear to be a syncretic combination of Neoplatonic elements with Persian or Babylonian ideas. Zoroaster's authorship is traditional, and not generally accepted by scholars.