Double Infinity In Pascal And Monad, Gottfried Leibniz: Gr p555

The basic almost-nothing, in coming up from nothing to things, since it is the simplest of them, is also as it were the highest almost-everything in descending from the multitude of things towards nothing; and yet it is the only thing that deserves to be called a being, a substance after God, because a multitude is only a mass of several substances, and not a being, but beings. It is this simple and primitive subject of tendencies and actions, this interior source of its own changes, which is therefore the only way of true imperishable being, since it is indissoluble and without parts, always subsisting and which will never perish, any more than will God and the universe, which it must always represent and in whole.

Commentary on Gr p555

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Double Infinity In Pascal And Monad, dating to around 1695, addresses degrees of infinity. The notion that not all degrees of infinity are equal is fundamental to modern mathematics, expressed in Georg Cantor's set theory.